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Cross-borough moderation of key stage 2 writing

An informal opportunity to consolidate your own judgements through discussion with colleagues and moderators accredited by the Standards and Testing Agency


Led by the two accredited KS2 Lead Moderators for Bexley Nicola Carter and Sarah Mortimer with Julia Andrew currently head of Standards at Bromley.
This is an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and viewpoints with teachers working in Bexley and the neighbouring borough of Bromley. An opportunity to confer with colleagues about the formation of judgements and benefit from the experience of Lead Moderators.


This meeting will be discussion-based and requires participants to bring samples of work from their own classrooms to fuel debate.This session will provide an opportunity for teachers to work with the school based moderators, LA moderators for 2019 and other schools to discuss and validate their assessment judgements in English writing.
Teachers will review writing from their own schools and other Bexley and Bromley schools in a respectful and supportive atmosphere ~ it is essential that participants bring samples of work at all standards to contribute to the debate.
Colleagues will work together to ensure that their assessments are accurate and consistent with national standards.


Teachers will be more confident about making judgements and judgements will be consistent with national standards and across the two boroughs. Clarity and rigour in the formation of judgements will ensure that external moderation visits will be carried out more smoothly.

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29 Apr 2019 13:00 - 16:00

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Bexley Education Support Service (BESS)
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29 Apr 2019 13:00 - 16:00


Old Bexley CE Primary School Hurst Road Bexley Kent DA5 3JR


Christine Jerram