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School Meals Contract
Providing a comprehensive management technical advice and support to all primary and special schools that subscribe to the provision of a centrally managed school meals service
The information provided below relates to our new 2018/19. This information has been made available to you earlier than usual to enable you to budget/plan ahead. If you currently subscribe to this service offer and would like to view the 2017/18 service offer information, a copy of the current offer is available for download in the ‘Communication’ section of BSN. In the filter type the service provider name and select ‘ALL’ then click on ‘search.

Length of Agreement

Provision within this Service Level Agreement commences 1 August 2017 and ends on the 31 July 2019

Service to be Provided to the Client

This Service Level Agreement has been developed in conjunction with schools to provide a comprehensive package of professional management technical advice and support to all primary and special schools that subscribe to the provision of a centrally managed school meals service. The scope of the support provided by the Facilities Management Client Unit (FMCU) includes the following elements:

  • Managing the tendering of the central contracts for the school meals service including the evaluation of tenders and the award of contracts.
  • Ensuring that schools have their best interests promoted during the tender process.
  • Ensuring that the Specification meets the Client’s needs and complies with legal requirements and provides value for money.
  • Providing regular monitoring of all aspects of the Contractor’s performance and standards through regular site visits, monthly contractor meetings and correspondence to ensuring the Contractor’s adherence to the contract specification.
  • Providing Bexley’s Property and Building Services Team with information where possible relating to the need for kitchen works or repairs.
  • Maintaining, servicing and replacing all relevant kitchen and dining room equipment and providing additional equipment as identified necessary.
  • Administrating purchase accounts and maintaining tight budgetary control for payments to contractors, annual increases in payments and charges to contractors.
  • Providing advice and guidance on general or specific queries relating to the provision of the school meals service including, menus, nutritional standards, healthy eating, kitchen related equipment, hygiene, health and safety and any other contract matters.
  • Assisting schools evaluate and improve their school meals service so that it best meets the Government’s legislation for school meals and healthy schools programmes.
  • To provide an annual update on the catering provision for each school covered by this agreement.
  • Investigate any complaints received from the Client and arbitrate any disputes at a local level.
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Privilege library ticket
12 Oct
Bexley Library Service offers a special ticket to support your work with children
Phonics and Phonics Screening Training
09 Oct
Coming up! Training in phonics and phonic screening is available on 1st November. Covering theory and practice to improving outcomes for children. For all teachers involved in teaching phonics and administering the phonics screening check.
21 Sep
For the past couple of years there has been an annual event where pupils who have achieved exceptional personal and academic successes, have been nominated by their respective school to attend a celebratory event hosted by the Mayor of Bexley, where civic recognition has been given to their substantial achievement. We would again like to invite all schools to nominate a pupil or pupils who have done particularly well in the 2017-2018 academic year and consequently deserve civic recognition. Please see attached for more information.
Important Public Heath Message for all schools - Oak Processionary Moth found in Bexley
27 Jun
This is the first year Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) caterpillars have been discovered in the Borough. When in great number the caterpillars can cause damage to oak trees, however it is the potential impact on people’s health that is of greatest concern. The moth is a non-native insect first found in London 12 years ago, its caterpillars live and feed on oak leaves, but they can also be found on the ground around infected oak trees. Caterpillars seen on trees other than oak are unlikely to be OPM. While the adult moths are harmless, the hairs of their caterpillars contain a strong irritant. Contact with these hairs can cause severe irritation, with skin rashes and less commonly sore throats, breathing difficulties and eye problems. Both people and animals can be affected by touching the caterpillars, their nests, or windblown hairs that make contact with the skin. The greatest risk period is between May and July, but the hairs from the caterpillar can be present on old nests. Please consult your pharmacist, GP, NHS Direct or vet respectively if you or your animal are exposed and suffer an allergic reaction to the hairs of this caterpillar. Under guidance from the Forestry Commission the Council has been undertaking a program to identify and treat locations where the insects are found. In recent weeks it has become apparent that the distribution of the insect is wide spread, migrating into the area from Bromley and Greenwich Borough’s. A significant number of nests have been removed from Danson Park and Lesnes Abbey Woods recently, nests of OPM caterpillars are also being found in smaller numbers across some of the Borough’s other parks and Open spaces, however they could be present on any oak tree. The Council is employing specialists to remove any nests found in high use areas on its parks and highways. Further information is available on the Council’s website, and a link to the Forestry Commission’sweb-site. www.bexley.gov.uk/opm . I advise schools/nurseries andyouth clubs with Oak trees in or adjacent to their grounds to be aware. Nests of caterpillars at or near ground level should be easy to notice, those higher up in the canopy can be more difficult. If in doubt you should contact your main tree contractor or the Forestry Commission (FC) and all sightings of OPM nests or caterpillars need to be reported to the FC. Please note: These pests need to be removed by specialists and many smaller tree firms are not trained or equipped to deal with this pest. The Arboricultural Association’s website www.trees.org.uk has an approved list of contractors. At present the Council’s Tree Section does have some spare capacity for inspecting oak trees for OPM. This service is chargeable. Contact: Trees@Bexley.gov.uk Email Subject : OPM inspections
NQT 2018-19
30 Apr
The aim of the Bexley NQT Induction Service is to give our NQTs the best opportunity to successfully complete their induction period. The London Borough of Bexley will act as the Appropriate Body for Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). The Appropriate Body, along with the headteacher/principal is jointly responsible for the supervision and professional development of the NQT during induction and has the main quality assurance role.
Governor Services Newsletter Summer Term 2018
17 Apr
For all School Governors please see attached your new style newsletter for the Summer Term 2018 which will keep you all updated with current issues. Don't forget you can view and book training sessions for this term by logging in to BSN. If you are having any problems using BSN please contact the Governor Services Team.
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Training & Events

31 Dec
Food Hygiene & Safety (Level 2) - E Learning - SFG03-072018 (December 2018 06:00 - 06:00)
This accredited course covers the nationally approved Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering syllabus (also called Level 2 Food Handler) for Catering, Retail and Manufacturing. It includes the following highlights: 1.Latest food safety Legislation, EHO powers, and Due-Diligence 2.Pathogenic food poisoning bacteria and the Danger Zone 3.Food poisoning multiplication, spores, and toxins 4.How to cook, hot-hold, cool, thaw & reheat food to latest standards 5.How to interpret and plan for the latest legal guidance on food allergens 6.Personal Hygiene and approved hand-washing technique 7.Food Handler’s role in a HACCP system (Food Safety Management System) 8.The 6 stages of cleaning and threat of eColi 0157 in chiller PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COURSE IS CHARGED AT THE LOW PRICE OF £15.00 TO ALL CHILDMINDERS AND PVI SETTINGS
31 Dec
Safer Recruitment - E-Learning - ESF-001
The EduCare programme is written by the NSPCC and looks at what you need to do to ensure you protect children and young people from unsuitable people who might apply to join your organisation. It takes participants right through the recruitment process, from planning prior to recruitment to maintaining awareness and vigilance once the new recruit is a member of your organisation.
08 Jan
Safer Recruitment in Education
Session 1 looks at how safer recruitment fits with the wider context of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, the scale of abuse, a model of offender behaviour, some aspects of the characteristics of abusers and of how child sex abusers typically operate within organisations, and relate that to recruitment. Session 2 illustrates the importance of planning a recruitment exercise, sending the right messages to potential applicants, following a consistent and thorough process to obtain relevant information about each applicant, and short-listing candidates for interview. Session 3 considers the importance of making the right decisions and using structured interviews to help do that, as well as pre-employment checks on the candidate selected for appointment. Session 4 examines the need for ongoing awareness and vigilance and considers how organisations can develop and maintain a safe environment.
08 Jan
Safer Recruitment Training (NSPCC accredited)
Experience over many years shows that it is important for organisations that provide services to children to incorporate into their recruitment and selection procedures, measures that help deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children, or who are otherwise unsuited to work with them. Making safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children an integral part of HR management in organisations that work with children is an essential part of creating safe environments for children. The need for this was illustrated by the Soham case and the findings and recommendations contained in Sir Michael Bichard’s report into that case (2004) that highlighted flaws and shortcomings in the recruitment process that allowed Ian Huntley to be employed as a caretaker at Soham Community School. The Safer Recruitment workshop builds on reports and recommendations. It aims to: • give participants an awareness and understanding of offender behaviour • identify the key features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people • consider policies and practices that minimise opportunities for abuse or ensure its prompt reporting • help participants begin to review their own and their organisation’s policies and practice with a view to making them ‘safer’
09 Jan
SIMS .net New Users
Staff who are new users of SIMS .net & have responsibility for maintaining core pupil/student data To be able to search for, edit & maintain existing pupil/student information To be able to use links to other data areas, i.e. Attendance, Assessment etc. To be able to run, edit & create basic reports Basic knowledge of the Windows environment would be an advantage. No previous knowledge of SIMS .net is necessary
12 Jan
Paediatric First Aid - KSPFA-614 (12 & 19 January 9:30am - 16:30pm)
Paediatric First Aid training prepares the learner to deal with first aid emergencies involving babies, children and adults. They will also be able to recognise major and minor medical conditions and take appropriate action. The course has been prepared to meet the standard laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, making it suitable for those working in any childcare setting.