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Bexley Education Support Service (BESS)
Providing schools with advice, support and training in a wide range of curriculum, management and leadership areas for school improvement
We are a team of experienced School Improvement Advisers who can provide you with advice, support and training in a wide range of curriculum, management and leadership areas for school improvement. Our team includes Ofsted registered inspectors, members of national working groups and professional bodies all of whom have a good working knowledge of the current educational context in which each school is working.

Our experience in providing school based and centrally held continuous professional development is extensive and highly regarded.
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Click here for the BESS 2019-20 Brochure
13 May
Bexley Education Support Service Brochure 19-20 We are delighted to present our new support offer for 2019-20, and as you browse through the brochure, I trust many of you will recognise that this is an offer that has been built with you, reflecting what you have indicated is needed and drawing in partner expertise to ensure that you can access high quality support locally. We continue to operate within a national educational landscape which reflects that society faces significant challenges and a pace of change that is unprecedented. My team want to stand alongside you to meet our shared ambition that all children will thrive now and in the future. The partnership approach that you requested has shaped the journey whilst developing the offer. We asked Heads and MAT leaders what you needed and where you felt there were gaps in what was available. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the head teachers and multi-academy trust leaders who have given their time to support this work. You told us that recruitment remains a challenge and the offer anticipates the early career framework for teachers as well as providing on-going opportunities for developing all teachers and leaders, drawing on the Bexley Teaching School Alliance expertise. We are delighted to work with nationally renowned leaders and organisations, with elements of the offer representing cutting edge research, ideas and thought leadership. There are some potential solutions to local challenges; we are pleased to be able to offer the SENCo accreditation locally as well as work that responds to both current inspection themes and recognises the implications of the draft framework. Perhaps most importantly, I would like to draw your attention to our values as these demonstrate how Bexley Education Support Service seeks to complement the development of an exceptional local education system. Our intention is to be a niche provider of school improvement support because of our approach to partnership working. I am confident that you will see over the following pages an enhanced core offer to schools; and if you are a Bexley school, I look forward to outlining in the summer term how the offer connects to our new school improvement model. Yours faithfully, Lauren Ovenden Head of Strategic Education Partnership and School and College Improvement
Privilege library ticket
12 Oct
Bexley Library Service offers a special ticket to support your work with children
YADT Behavioural Support Service December Leaflet
06 Dec
Welcome to the YADT Behavioural Support Service. Being a young person in today’s world is challenging and here at YADT, we understand that some young people need a little extra support to help them get a positive start in life or overcome obstacles along the way. We aim to help young people with the issues that affect them. These can be a number of issues such as anger management, anxiety, improving confidence, enhancing communication and dealing with stress. The Behavioural Support Service can be delivered as group workshops or one-to-one behaviour support.
The SMSC Booklet and Resources
15 Mar
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Development From EYFS to KS4 The SMSC booklet, together with online materials, provides a fundamental resource that inspires and stimulates leaders and teaching staff from Early Years Foundation settings through to primary and secondary schools. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development – the Bexley Handbook Edition 2 Further resources to accompany the SMSC booklet: Helpful websites for supporting classroom teaching Helpful websites for supporting Prevent Helpful websites for supporting SMSC Helpful websites for supporting British values Helpful websites for Citizenship Helpful websites for engaging stakeholders and partnership working Curricular schemes for schools, including websites Case studies from Bexley Schools Click here to download copies of presentations given by speakers and stand holders at the Bexley SMSC conference on 20 January 2017. Please email if you would like to subscribe or have any questions concerning these resources.
Bexley Assessment Working Party Exemplification Portfolios - Mathematics and English Writing
30 Aug
Exemplification of working at the expected standard in Mathematics and English Writing These documents contains work that exemplifies statements in the national curriculum. They have been produced to help teachers in moderating pupils’ work and making judgements on whether expected standards have been achieved. The portfolios are intended to be used to support internal moderation. Feedback and comments are welcome and will be shared in updates. Contributions to these portfolios are also welcome. The portfolios will be used in future subject training and network meetings. To find out how you can obtain the full set of mathematics and English writing portfolios, please email Click here to download the 2015 version of the Exemplar Portfolio for Writing – Year 2 Click here to download the 2015 version of the Exemplar Portfolio for Mathematics - Year 3
Appendix A - Schedule of Payroll Tasks
28 Apr
Schedule of Payroll Tasks - Non Academy
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Training & Events

18 Sep
Chairs and Vice Chairs Briefing
This will enable you to be prepared for agenda setting and actual meetings so that you can lead your governing board. Governor Services will call on key individuals within Education to deliver key messages for your schools. These meetings will be topical and provide an opportunity for networking and raising issues/ concerns.
19 Sep
Vulnerable Group Leaders’ Network
These meetings will be held in schools and will provide an opportunity for leaders to share best practice and see strategies first hand. In addition: • The meetings are structured to provide some informal and formal networking opportunities • Promote and facilitate a positive culture for practitioner-led professional development • Provide a forum for practitioners to identify and consolidate good practice • Enable you to keep up to date on developments in both locally and nationally
21 Sep
Paediatric First Aid - CHT4U-PFA-653 (21 and 28 September 2019 9:30am - 16:00pm)
Paediatric First Aid training prepares the learner to deal with first aid emergencies involving babies, children and adults. They will also be able to recognise major and minor medical conditions and take appropriate action. The course has been prepared to meet the standard laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, making it suitable for those working in any childcare setting.
21 Sep
Physical Development - RM-LGP-645 (21 September 2019, 09.30 - 12.30 )
By the end of the session participants will be able to: • Outline how physical development takes place • Explain the importance of daily physical activity for infants and toddlers • Describe developmentally appropriate activities to promote infant growth and development. • Give examples of appropriate indoor and outdoor physical activities for toddlers • Discuss the impact of screen time on infants and toddlers • To examine the importance of physical development.
24 Sep
EYFS to Year One Transition – Writing
This training will centre on best practice in EYFS and how this can be transferred and maintained in Year 1 ensuring high levels of attainment in writing. Colleagues will generate creative ways of linking ideas to texts including creative writing ‘hooks’. In addition, different teaching and learning approaches will be modelled and it will be illustrated how these can support engagement in writing. There will be lots of practical ideas to take back to school and an action plan will be formulated on steps to move writing forward within schools. A key focus will be on creativity in writing and how we engage our learners.
24 Sep
Female Genital Mutilation - FGM-665 (24 September 2019, 18:30 - 21:30)
This training will help Early Years Practitioners to identify girls who are most at risk and the risk factors, develop your knowledge of the range of appropriate responses to safeguarding at risk girls and what is going on in Bexley to enable a multi-agency response to ending FGM in the Bexley borough.